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July Events

July Events

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July 20th, 2005EventCanada becomes the fourth country in the world to legalise same-sex marriage, after the bill C-38 receives its Royal Assent.
July 20th, 2003EventFrance: Sixteen people are injured after two bombs explode outside a tax office in Nice.
July 20th, 2002EventSouth America: A fire in a discotheque in Lima, Peru kills over twenty-five.
July 20th, 2001EventThe London Stock Exchange goes public.
July 20th, 2001EventItaly: The 27th Annual G8 summit opens in Genoa. An Italian protester in Genoa, Carlo Giuliani, is shot by police.
July 20th, 2000EventThe leaders of Salt Lake City s bid to win the 2002 Winter Olympics are indicted by a federal grand jury for bribery, fraud, and racketeering.
July 20th, 2000EventIn Zimbabwe, Parliament opens its new session and seats opposition members for the first time in a decade.
July 20th, 2000EventTerrorist Carlos the Jackal sues France in the European Court of Human Rights for allegedly torturing him.
July 20th, 1999EventThe practise Falun Gong is officially banned and defined as an "evil cult" (xiejiao) by the government of the People s Republic of China, and a large-scale crackdown of its practitioners is launched.
July 20th, 1998EventTwo hundred aid workers from CARE International, Doctors Without Borders and other aid groups leave Afghanistan on orders of the Taliban.

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