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July 18th, 2064EventGreat fire of Rome: A fire begins to burn in the merchant area of Rome and soon burns completely out of control while Emperor Nero reportedly plays his lyre and sings while watching the blaze from a safe distance.
July 18th, 1996EventStorms provoke severe flooding on the Saguenay River, beginning one of Quebec s costliest natural disasters ever.
July 18th, 1995EventOn the Caribbean island of Montserrat, the Soufriere Hills volcano erupts. Over the course of several years, it devastates the island, destroying the capital and forcing most of the population to flee.
July 18th, 1992EventThe ten victims of the La Cantuta massacre disappeared from their university in Lima.
July 18th, 1986EventA tornado is broadcast live on KARE television in Minnesota when the station s helicopter pilot makes a chance encounter.
July 18th, 1984EventMcDonald s massacre in San Ysidro, California: In a fast-food restaurant, James Oliver Huberty opens fire, killing 21 people and injuring 19 others before being shot dead by police.
July 18th, 1984EventBeverly Lynn Burns becomes first woman Boeing 747 airline captain in the world.
July 18th, 1982Event268 campesinos ("peasants" or "country people") are slain in the Plan de Sanchez massacre in Rios Montt s Guatemala.
July 18th, 1972EventStaines air disaster118 killed as plane crashes 2 minutes after take off from London Heathrow Airport
July 18th, 1969EventAfter a party on Chappaquiddick Island, Senator Ted Kennedy from Massachusetts drives an Oldsmobile off a wooden bridge into a tide-swept pond and his passenger, Mary Jo Kopechne, dies.

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